ltboomer asked: heyyy happy birthday!!!! hope you've had a great day so far :)

Thank youuuu! :) It’s been real good so far, yeah. :) <3

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Reminding you that with a single click you can:

It’s completely free.

It’s not true we are taking different paths. You are my path. You’ve always been my path, and you always will be.


Steven + interviews

Robbie Amell gifs / Struck by Lightning

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All gifs are made by me. As long as you don’t re-post them as your own, feel free to use them for whatever you want. These were uploaded to a different blog, so you’ve probably seen them around before. ;)

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anonymous asked: peggy carter or pepper potts  

kissinqkol asked: happy birthday <3

Thank you very much. :) ♥

I'm really just a simple guy! The name's Ilija [it's like Elijah in English]. I'm 23 at the moment and I'm from Serbia. If you haven't heard of it... Oh well, google it. Straight but not narrow!

Basically, I'm a huge TV Shows, Movies and Music addict and my blog is about a lot of things. You can see about what exactly by clicking on the link below. Also the stuff I made is right next to it. :D

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